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Salty Phish

Which member of Salty Phish & Co. Are You?

Which of these Overwatch characters do you hate the most?
Doomfist Brigitte Hammond Genji Hanzo Mercy Moira Symmetra
What's your ideal birthday party?
I don't like parties Playing jackbox Karaoke party Road trip Out to a bar Stream for majority of the day Drunk axe throwing Going to the movies
Beverage of choice?
Hot Chocolate Baja Blast I don't know, I can't decide! There's too many!!! White Claw Fanta Orange Apple Juice Dr Pepper Chocolate Milk
What music artist(s) do you STAN?
Dolly Parton Boy Pablo Gorillaz HOME Dua Lipa Denzel Curry I don't simp. Mamamoo
You're getting rolled by the enemy in Overwatch. What do you do?
Bad mouth the DPS. GG go next. Hype up team with a pep talk. Switch to Valorant. Try to backcap. Look for a different team comp. Just frag. Be pessimistic and cry.
Pick a Pokemon
Snom Victini Cacnea Celebi Pikachu but squished Porygon Z Smug Gengar Incineroar
Favorite game besides Overwatch?
Portal 2 Garrys Mod Fire Emblem: Three Houses CS:GO Halo 3 Castle Crashers Monster Hunter World Super Smash Bros: Ultimate
Favorite Content Creator?
Bazza Gazza xQc Jenna Marbles Ludwig Lazy Purple Jerma MoonMoon Dunkey
While streaming, what do you do in Overwatch queue?
Talk to friends in voice Browse memes Talk to chat Play marbles with chat. 1v1 arena Grab a snack Roast chat Play deathmatch
Pick a color for a t-shirt.
Pink Olive green Red Black Blue Dark Yellow Purple Beige
What do you do to start off a just chatting stream?
Switch to a video game. Ask chat how their day was. Watch YouTube videos Show viewers new music. Hyperventilate and panic. Beg for subs. Eat food. Draw in MSpaint.

You ooze both baby and Mom energy and just want the best for everyone. You're probably a bottom. This is your fifth time rewriting this because you overthink everything you do and take things too seriously.

You only play Overwatch for Lucio. You didn't think your username, miracumoose, through and it is too late to go back. This is your brand now.


You're an all around chill person that enjoys your friends' company. You have impeccable taste in soda and can just vibe out whenever necessary.

You're also a simp. Sorry.


You're a 4'11” Aries who's as feral as they come. Fuck drinking milk, go drink the blood of the bourgeoisie and go burn something down. But even though you're chaotic, you still are a huge softie.

Bitch be out here cooing over your friends' pets and binge watching Puppet History on Youtube. You are the epitome of the meme, “No longer baby, I want power” but everyone still insists that you're baby.


You are outgoing. You are handsome. You are tall. Everybody loves you. You are a creative person and you have good taste in Pokémon. You are also a tier 3 sub to Pokimane.

Salty Phish

You only work hard when it is necessary. You rely on others for success but people seem to like you anyway. You have indirectly forced all of your friends to follow the same career path as you.

You deserve to be put in top 500 because you've sunk so many hours into this damn game, Jeff Kaplan come on bro you got my check in the mail didn't you--You main Lúcio.


You are constructive. You are very POGGERS to be around. You have a lot of hair. You are a very happy person. You are well-versed in pasta. You are very good at Ana. You are passionate.


You are charming, charismatic, clever, average height and prone to shockingly bad blade plays.


You are shy and introverted but can be more extroverted the closer you get to someone. You don't like bothering people. You are also korean so you are complimented a lot. However you are a very pepega korean.

You also like outdated memes.